The Worst Own Goals Ever

Look away now! The Funniest own goals ever

Own goals are simply part and parcel of a football and we’ve already seen a number of unfortunate comedy moments this season. It often transpires after a quick moment of indecision by the defender that leads to the unfortunate placement of the ball in your own net to the utter dismay of your fans and teammates.

But sometimes even plain old bad luck plays a hand in those wretched slip-ups that the players would much rather just forget about. Let’s take a look at some of the more memorable mishaps that have given us giggles over the years.


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However, In 2005 in a FA Cup third round match against home team Burnley it was Liverpool defender Djimi Traore who was left as red-faced as the Anfield shirt when he somehow managed to almost showboat the ball into the back of the net in one of the most skilful own goals we’ve ever seen.

It would have been an incredible goal had it been at the other end of the pitch but when a calamity like this manages to spawn its very own chant then you know it was a bad day at the office and that moment really defined his time on Merseyside.


By simply turning the few seconds of defender Chris Brass’s most famous attempt at a goal area clearance into an animated GIF it will ensure that you’ll be giggling all day long. In a moment of madness with a complete lack of skill, and what appears to be a total mess of foot and eye coordination, the former Bury player not only manages to put the ball past his own keeper but almost knocks his teeth out in the process.

Brass incredibly turns what should be a straightforward enough overhead clearance into a surprising, and rather amusing, face first own goal and boy was it funny stuff.


Even the heights of international football cannot escape some terrific howlers as the often versatile Vasilis Torosidis discovered during a FIFA World Cup qualifying playoff match between Romania and Greece.

We’re not quite sure what Torosidis was trying to achieve when he not only managed to put the ball past his own goalkeeper during the 1-1 match but he did it with some force. In what by all accounts was an attempted clearance Torosidis actually turned it into a rather impressive shot on goal beating the leaping keeper and landing right in the back of the net.

It’s not got much better for the Greeks since that moment either as they failed to make it to France next year for the Euros despite being stacked to qualify for the tournament.

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