How To Find Out Which Gambling Sites Are Legit

Knowing which Betting Sites are legit is not an easy thing. There are a number of checks that you can carry out to make sure the gambling firm is a legitimate company. In this article, I will go through the different things to look out for so that you know you are in safe hands.

There are a number of seals available from regulators that a gambling company can display on their website. Not all of these offers you will the guarantee that the company abides by strict gambling rules and regulations. The most important seal to look for is the one issued by eCOGRA which is an Independent authority for the online gaming industry.

The more transparent the company is the more trustworthy it is. You should always read the about us section to see what information is displayed here. You want to find details about the company, its directors along with their base of operation. Try to find a gambling site that displays its company and gambling licenses registration number. You can then quickly check both to see if they are a legit site. The best type of companies to use are ones that have their operations in tightly regulated markets such as the U.S. and U.K. Try to avoid companies who are registered in jurisdictions such as Antigua & Barbuda, Curacao N.V and Costa Rica as they do not have tough regulations so the company is more likely to be less legitimate.

Search for betting sites that have a direct contact number and are not only contactable through email. You can then speak with a member of their staff before making a bet to give you the peace of mind that the company are legitimate. Make sure that you read reviews and forum posts to see if any previous users have posted complaints about them. The best gambling website has a forum attached to them to search for any negative postings and see if it got resolved. When reading reviews it is important that you use an external site to do this. Unscrupulous companies post false reviews on their site so they can not be trusted.

If you are going to be using a bonus offer, you must read the terms and conditions before taking it out. Many companies attempt to attract new customers by offering extremely high paying rewards only for them to make it almost impossible for the player to withdraw it. You need to check the withdraw terms for bonuses along what types of bets and games it is allowed to be used in conjunction with. One of the biggest complaints that online gambling companies have it, players, writing in to say they did not understand the terms and conditions before taking out their promotion asking for a full refund. It is rare that you will get a refund in these circumstances due to you agree to the Ts & Cs when taking out the promotion. Also, make sure that you make sure of the time it takes to withdraw your money as payment delays are a common problem in the industry.

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