The Most Common Blackjack Mistakes Beginners Make

There’s a reason why blackjack is one of the most popular card games at any casino. Unlike other games, skills can be used to influence a game of blackjack. The learning curve is steep, however, so you need a lot of experience before you become a pro. Even then, most players tend to make simple mistakes which ultimately leads them to lose it all.

Not Reading the Fine Print

Where you sit on a blackjack table holds more importance than you know. Instead of showing off at the table, make sure to read the basic casino blackjack rules. Pay close attention to the fine print to see how the casino pays a natural – if it’s 6 to 5 like most casinos pay these days, find another table.

The best tables are those that pay 3 to 2, meaning you get $15 for a $10 bet instead of $12 like on a 6 to 5 table.

Not Knowing Sign Language

Now you’re probably thinking “Why would I need sign language for blackjack?” Well, contrary to what Hollywood taught us, phrases like “Hit me” or “Stay” aren’t used in a casino. Instead, players rely on sign language which you should learn if you want to be a pro.

For example, you can scratch the table with your index finger for a hit or wave your hands over the cards to stay. Flash the No. 1 sign behind the cards to put out extra money or make a V sign with your fingers to split a pair and match your original bet. These signs are for a multi-deck game of blackjack – for single or double-deck games, they are different.

All these signs will tell the dealer what your intentions are and are pretty simple to learn. Once you get a hang on them, you can call yourself a pro.

What If?

Reconfiguring your hand after the cards have been dealt is a common mistake for blackjack beginners that can have a negative outcome. Don’t make this mistake – you’ve already been dealt a hand, so stick to your cards and you may get lucky. You may not win anything, but there’s no guarantee that the reconfigured hand will win as well, so don’t test your luck.

Adding Aces

Aces have 2 values – 1 and 11, which should be taken into account when adding them. A hand of Ace-Six is valued 7 and 17 at the same time. If you’re not sure about the value, ask the dealer. They will tell you if your hand is a “soft” (when the ace counts as 11) or “hard” (when it counts as 1).

Many beginners make the mistake of misadding aces or refusing to hit a soft hand. Don’t listen to what others say and play your own way, preferably hitting 17 or less.

Showing Off

This is the absolute worst mistake you can make. Showing off in the casino on a blackjack table is a wrong move that can easily bankrupt you. Don’t think you’re a pro after a few games of blackjack and don’t get caught up in the casino vibe – it’s a devastating mistake that can empty your pockets sooner than you think.

Keep the bets to a minimum and never feel invincible – blackjack is a dangerous game, so be careful.

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