Winning is teamwork, or is it?

We see it all the time. In any office or in almost any sport. To win is to play together as 1 big unit and the team who can think like one big mind better than the opponent wins the match. This concludes only team players win. Or.. does it?

Let’s look at different examples we can find in this world to see if this is true. How about gamblers in casinos. They do not play in a team and yet seem to sometimes win immense amounts of money. Take blackjack players for instance. They don’t even play against the person next to them, they couldn’t even care less about the one sitting next to them! The only thing they care about is the cards of the dealer. Keep in mind this is not a tactic, imagine Sadio Mane ignoring anyone else on the field? He wouldn’t be able to keep the name “one of the best players in the world”, well, maybe he is a wrong example. He could probably even pull this off.

Maybe Mane’s favourite casino game is blackjack. You would have to think strategically, move fast, never be afraid, don’t give up and if you do it right, actually earn a lot of money. This could actually be his gambling game. His temporary Senegal manager during the World Cup “Aliou Cisse” would probably like the game as well, but then he wouldn’t want to be a player. He would probably be the dealer. Deciding the pace of the game. Dealing the cards. Being in control. And most important, if your opponents don’t come to the playing field well prepared, he will rob everyone of their money.

What does this teach us? Make sure you come prepared when you start playing blackjack. There are a few trusted websites with high-quality information that can warm you up for winning. However don’t just read and learn, also try out your gained knowledge. Train like a football player on a field where there is nothing to lose. Gain that experience, for free. Not a Liverpool player nor a Senegal player got where they are now just because they watched football with their fathers and then just started playing for the real money. They trained and trained until mind and body were team players. So, in the end, it might be safe to say, you can’t do it alone. It’s always a form of teamwork if you want to win.

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